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Conferences, seminars and courses are appropriate for church or Bible study groups, community groups, clubs or organizations, your workplace, and your neighborhoods or residential communities.  Limited locations.
(*Please contact us for information on any course of interest not listed here.) 

Tired of the same old, rehashed presentations? This is sure to be an inspirational, lively, and refreshing presentation-- appropriate for today's mature woman! This conference is suitable for senior women's groups such as church senior women's ministries. We will focus on learning how to prevent becoming a victim and increase awareness in our everyday lives.  Content will cover safety strategies for home, shopping, travel and more!  

This "do-able" self defense course was developed and designed  for the form, functionality, and specific health considerations of all women--young through very senior.  This is NOT a martial arts course.  It is appropriate for the very fit to the very deconditioned.  No matter how old you are, or what shape you are in, this course is for YOU!  The first part of the seminar covers personal safety and mind-set, awareness, de-escalation, avoidance, and escape strategies.  We emphasize methods to make yourself less of a target for crime or assault.  The second half of the course covers basic and appropriate self defense movements that you can employ should you ever need them. NOTE: Even if You are physically unable to participate in the self defense movement portion of the class, you will still benefit greatly from this course!

CLOTHING & GEAR: Wear fitness/gym attire and athletic/stable shoes.  Otherwise, wear flexible clothing you can freely move in. Bring resistance tubing / flex tubing-- low to medium resistance (Bands are OK, but tubing is better for the functional self defense movement fitness training)  Gym gloves / fingers open   Optional: Bring a 1+ inch thick, padded gym mat if you have one / the thick kind-- not a yoga mat.  Bring bottled water and healthy snacks.  

GRIZZLY GRANNYS  - 4 Hours Initial Course   6 Hours Extended Course with Pepper Spray Training
Our newest seminar is based on our Practical Self Defense for Every Woman course, but has been adapted for the culture and challenges specific to older senior adult women.  Ages 60-110+ Gear is essentially the same. Course is open to those with all abilities.  The 6 hour course includes a 1/2 hour meal/snack break.

At this seminar, you will learn the basics of defensive sprays...what they are, how they work, and the different types-- with a focus on safe handling, proper use, and deployment. Fog, stream, gel...there are so many options these days! Learn how to choose one that is right for you and your lifestyle. For obvious reasons, we will be using "dummy" defensive spray training canisters. At no time will we be using "live" defensive sprays!  This will be a very informative seminar consisting of instruction and skills practice. Invite a friend, expect to enjoy this seminar...and walk away with a valuable new skill set.

Invite your friends over for this exciting new way to receive training, education, and then shop for non-lethal personal self defense products in the comfort of your own home! We offer two party options: Grizzly Grannys Self Defense Party & Full Armor Self Defense Party.  Contact us for more information! 

Practical self defense skills training class for women!  It is a follow up to our standard "Practical Self Defense & Personal Safety for Every Woman" seminar. That full seminar is recommended, but not required prior to this skills practice. Join us for this instruction, training, and practice. This class is do-able and skills are adaptable for every woman, adult through very senior-- regardless of your physical condition you are encouraged to attend.  Regular self defense skills practice, training, and coaching for proper technique will help you begin to develop "muscle memory", so these moves will come to mind more instinctually if you ever need them. You will not be thrown down or "beat up"!  You will rehearse the self defense skills at a modified pace, never at full speed-- in a comfortable, relaxed environment. This class will NOT include the personal safety portion taught in the full seminar, but will focus on rehearsing skills / scenarios and spending quality time on self defense movements we have learned. We will be reviewing each move in class before practicing it for those who did not attend the self defense seminar. This class will include a functional fitness training for self defense movement portion as well.

CLOTHING & GEAR: Wear fitness/gym attire and athletic/stable shoes.  Otherwise, wear flexible clothing you can freely move in. Bring resistance tubing / flex tubing-- low to medium resistance (Bands are OK, but tubing is better for the functional self defense movement fitness training). Gym gloves / fingers open Optional: bring a 1+ inch thick, padded gym mat if you have one / the thick kind-- not a yoga mat.  Bottled water and healthy snacks. 

We're not talking about a little plastic box with a few bandaids, some tape and 3 gauze squares here! In this course, you will learn how to assemble a high quality, duffle bag style emergency first aid medical kit for home or field use. We will discuss which emergency medical supplies you should purchase and stock for the most common medical emergencies your family (and pets) may encounter in everyday life as well as in a local disaster.  This seminar is a great prerequisite for our Intro to Community First Aid Seminar. 

This course is a great introduction to CPR and AED for the very beginner. This is not a certification course, but is a great introduction to basic CPR and AED skills. Course will be taught in a relaxed, comfortable manner...no need to be nervous!  This course will give you the experience and training necessary so that you will feel more comfortable if and when you wish to become certified later on. Even if you do not plan on future CPR/AED certification, this course will teach you the skills you need to perform CPR and confidently use an AED should this emergency arise in your family or community.  Minimum class size is required for this course.

Since we are a mobile service, courses are held at your location, generally limited to the S.E. Metro Denver,  Parker, Castle Rock, and Elizabeth CO areas.  We can also schedule a class at your workplace, church, residential facility, club, or organization if it is located within our service area. Call for other location options, and we will consider it on a case by case basis.

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